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Welcome on board and buy smoked fish, salmon, and other smoked delicacies at Seafoodfriday online and get them delivered right to your doorstep in Hong Kong!

Here at SeaFoodFriday we only provide the freshest and highest quality seafood to you. Discover top-quality smoked delicacies such as smoked salmon on seafoodfriday and get them delivered directly from the source to your family in Hong Kong. Our mission is to provide people in Hong Kong with the best seafood, which is why we’ve partnered up with a network of our most trusted fishmongers and farms to bring you an extensive range of healthy goodness.

Our philosophy is centered around sustainability, transparency and responsibility. Our fishmongers will select your fresh seafood only after we have received your order. Why? To guarantee absolute freshness and to avoid food waste. We offer you a wide selection of sustainable live, fresh & frozen seafood direct from the fisherman.

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Our Products

Fresh smoked Mackerel fillet
Original price was: $200.Current price is: $150.
+/- 500 grams
Smoked salmon loin
Herring Caviar (Harenga)
French Fish Soup
Lobster bisque in bottle with yellow picture
Wild smoked sockeye Salmon
100 gr
Seafood BBQ package
Original price was: $3,350.Current price is: $2,995.
Seafood BBQ package
Original price was: $1,855.Current price is: $1,675.
Crab meat Jumbo
454 gr
sustainable smoked toast salmon
100 gr
Trout Caviar
100 gr
smoked salmon flame roast
283 gr
Salmon Caviar
100 gr
Crab meat Claw
227 Grams
Fresh smoked Scottish salmon longslice
500 grams
Fresh smoked Mackerel fillet
+/- 500 grams
Crab meat Special
227 gr

Buy smoked salmon, fish and other smoked delicacies online

We buy our smoked salmon and other fish from the most reputable areas of the world, so seafood lovers in Hong Kong can experience the best taste. Whether as part of a delicious dinner with friends or as a fillet on bread for breakfast, we’ve got you covered. Because we want our customers to have the best, we’ve sourced a few of our smoked fish from the Netherlands because they are famous for their authentic and traditional smoking processes.

A fan of smoked salmon or mackerel? Our fresh scottish smoked salmon and fresh smoked mackerel fillets are wild-caught and each batch is processed and freshly smoked daily.

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Here at Seafoodfriday we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the freshness of the sea on their plate at affordable prices. Our mission is to bring the best quality and freshness from small, passionate fishing towns to Hong Kong’s seafood lovers.

In need of recipe ideas? Check out our seafood recipes provided by our community of seafood obsessed-bloggers, chefs and nutritionists for the perfect meal!

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