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Smoked Salmon Loin


The rich, cold waters of Norway, a prized, traditional species of salmon, a time-honoured method of preparation and a modern production process. These are the factors involved in the making of this delicious product. Our salmon loin is by far the best part of the fish, through its equal thickness you have the best structure and flavours after smoking! We believe that there is no finer smoked salmon in the world. Buy smoked salmon loin online and get it delivered right to your home in Hong Kong!

  • 450 grams vacuum packed
  • Sustainable farmed (ASC-certified)
  • Thick-sliced for a sashimi experience!

Long Description

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This salmon is raised in sustainable well-established Norwegian fish farms. The fish species is the Atlantic salmon, harvested only when they meet our exacting standards pertaining to size, colour, fat content and muscle tone.

The next step is preparation. This smoked salmon loin is prepared using the traditional smoking process, a time-consuming smoking process over a distinct blend of oak- and beech wood. The process cannot be rushed; the result is a mild, delicate, smoked flavour that does not overwhelm the salmon’s delicious natural qualities.

The last step is an ultra-modern production process that safely seals in the flavour in a convenient package.


Amazing for your health

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as an excellent source of several B vitamins, which tend to lower blood pressure and are important for heart and brain health.
A healthy portion of salmon may help you control your weight by reducing appetite, boosting metabolic rate, increasing insulin sensitivity, and decreasing belly fat. Make a quick lunch sandwich with Smoked Salmon if you’re on a tight time schedule or make some fancy salmon caviar blinis when having guests over!


Why buy our Smoked Norwegian salmon loin online

  • Light and Healthy
  • Delicious for breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • High in protein



The thick-sliced smoked salmon loin is rich in flavours and because of its thickness, the loin is less salty compared to the traditional slices of smoked salmon.

Key Properties




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