We are seafood lovers and since 2014 we have been exporting sustainable European seafood from the northern part of Europe to the hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau. Nowadays, together with our partners, we supply over 7 countries in Asia with fresh and fresh-frozen seafood.

Since 2014, the heart and soul of our seafood operations has been our Hong Kong office. In 2017, we started to bring in extra fish species for our friends and families, to let them also enjoy European freshness at affordable prices. A standard selection, vacuum-packed, top-quality and only available on Fridays was the key to keep the prices affordable and see happy friends every week coming back with other friends who wanted to join the group.

With our Seafood Friday platform, we can make our group of friends bigger and more efficient, and since we partner with our trusted local partners, you can receive your fish and seafood home delivered by one of the cold trucks that drives around Hong Kong.

mussels at the Hong Kong yacht club
Wild caught fish

Wild-Caught Fish

We buy our wild-caught fresh seafood daily at the fish auctions in Holland, Denmark, Belgium, and France.  Every morning around 4 am, the fishmongers will check each fish after arrival from the auction to guarantee top quality. Each fillet and fish portion will be vacuum packed for its freshness. Direct from the auctions, with no additives. No additional water, just a 100% pure fish fillet you can trust from the clean waters of Northern Europe, shipped to Hong Kong.

Farmed Fish

We are cooperating with sustainable fish farms in the Mediterranean Sea and in the fjords of Norway. All farms meet the highest EU standards and food safety requirements to guarantee top-quality farmed fishes. Our farms are Globalg.a.p. and ASC certified direct from their farms to Hong Kong.

Oysters & Mussels

Since the beginning, we have worked closely with World of Oysters in the Netherlands. The Family Dhooge has been farming oysters since 1906 and with their experience and the network they have created in the form of a corporation of well-known European Oyster farmers.  Our top-quality oysters are hand selected and meet all European food safety standards. We are happy and proud to be the exclusive supplier of Holland Royal Blue mussels. The Blue mussels from the Netherlands are well-known all over Asia. We work directly with the mussel farmers to guarantee you top quality and freshness that you simply have not taste before.

Lobsters & Shrimps

We have wild-caught and farmed shrimps in our assortment, from fresh wild caught grey shrimps from Holland up to black tiger shrimps from Thailand. If you want to have an incredibly special dinner, you can go for some wild-caught carabineros. All our shrimps are hormone- and antibiotic-free and purchased direct from the farms and fishing boats for optimal traceability and quality.

Smoked fish

The Netherlands are well known for its authentic and traditional smoking processes. Our Scottish smoked salmon and wild-caught mackerel are daily fresh smoked and processed. You will taste true craftmanship in these super fresh products.
grey shrimp catch
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