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Fresh Seafood Tapas Dips


Our fresh seafood dips are ready to eat and made from top quality seafood. If you’re a seafood lover and a fan of tapas dips, don’t hesitate and order now! Delivered to your home in Hong Kong.


  • 130 grams per cup
  • Freshly prepared and ready to eat
  • Dips: Tuna, Salmon, King Crab & Grey Shrimp

Long Description

Shop Fresh Seafood tapas dips in Hong Kong

Our Delicio Seafood dips are now available in Hong Kong. These dips are freshly prepared and shipped and are the perfect tapas dip for your party or family gathering. Would like to create your own tuna or salmon wrap? Or add to your tapas platter! Buy fresh seafood tapas dips online and get them delivered right to your home in Hong Kong for your upcoming tapas party!


Why buy our Fresh Seafood Tapas dips in Hong Kong? 

Together with our fishmongers, we made a selection of 4 main ingredients to develop an easy and delicious range of seafood tapas dips. Our dips are freshly prepared and ready to eat upon arrival at your home in Hong Kong.


Fresh seafood Dips: 



We selected four different seafood dips, prepared with top-quality fresh seafood! You will immediately taste the difference from any other seafood dips in the market!

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