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Fresh Canadian Sea Urchin Roe


Our Sashimi grade Sea Urchin is caught by the West Coast of Canada. Top quality fresh Canadian Sea Urchin can only be consumed when it is super fresh! As we import directly from Canada, we can guarantee pure freshness. Order now and get it delivered right to your home in Hong Kong.

  • 125 grams/tray, 10 pc/tray
  • Fresh from Canada
  • Sashimi grade!

Long Description

Shop Canadian Sea Urchin in Hong Kong

Canadian Sea urchin roe is recognized as one of the best in the world. Famous for its larger size, smooth light delicate flavours and last but not least, this urchin roe melts on your tongue! Don’t wait and order this product now and get it delivered to your home in Hong Kong.

Our Canadian Sea Urchin is caught in the area around Vancouver in its clean and nutrition rich cold waters. Directly imported and flown in by air, try the unique taste of our Sea Urchin from Canada now!


Amazing for your health

Sea Urchin roe is delicious but even more important a very healthy seafood product. It is rich in vitamins B12, A, D and E which protect our immune system. They are also well known its high fatty acids which decrease cholesterol, prevent heart problems and artery related problems.


Why buy our Canadian Sea Urchin Online

  • Fresh by air
  • High in protein, low in fat
  • Wild caught & sashimi grade!



Our Canadian Sea Urchin is caught by hand to avoid product damage and stress. This results in a rich and delicate flavoured taste. The delicate sweet flavours in combination with its soft roe, melts like butter on your tongue. You don’t need any additives and enjoy this product raw as sashimi or sushi!

Key Properties




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Nutritional value

Per 100 grams
Of which is saturated
Of which sugars

December is here, it’s time to get festive!

Getting ready to prepare the most delicious seafood dinner during the holidays? Don’t wait and make your orders now to receive it in time for your holiday festivities.

Let us know if you need to receive it by Christmas or New Year’s by simply leaving a comment under “order notes” during checkout and we’ll take care of the rest!



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