Our Philosophy

From seafood lovers for seafood lovers… These are not just empty words.  As someone who grew up in a Dutch fishing town, it was extremely easy to enjoy fresh sustainable seafood at any time of day.


You knew the fishermen and the seas where the fish was caught, as well as the farms where shellfish was harvested. Families would wait until the fishermen returned to port to see their relatives and, of course, to enjoy the super fresh “catch of the day” on Friday!

seafoodfriday philosophy
Martin rijk Seafoodfriday Hong Kong

Our fishermen can inform you of the best time of year to eat a specific kind of fish.

Fortunate clients may even go aboard a fishing boat during summer holidays to witness how fishers catch the fish.  

Across the world, there are many fishing towns like ours. All with their own history, fishing stories and unique top-quality seafood.

With SeafoodFriday, we are bringing the quality and freshness from these tiny passionate fishing towns to Hong Kong’s seafood lovers. According to our philosophy, everyone deserves to enjoy the freshness of the sea on their plate at affordable prices. 

In addition, we also want to share the stories behind these delicious products and the importance of sustainability and transparency in the seafood business.

In short, it is just as we say: from seafood lovers for seafood lovers.

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