The holidays are slowly approaching which means that it’s time to bring out your culinary talents and get creative! The SeafoodFriday Team is already busy prepping for a spectacular Christmas season. To get you started, here are 5 easy seafood holiday party recipes to impress your guests with the most delicious seafood dishes at your next dinner party! 🥂

Grilled Seafood Platter With Lemon Dressing: Ideal for Holiday Parties

What better way to host a dinner party than with a healthy seafood platter! The beauty of seafood platters is that you can create them to your own desire depending on the number of guests and your choice of seafood. 
To give you an idea, a grilled seafood platter with a touch of lemon is ideal if you’re looking for an easy and versatile dish. Octopus, Tuna, and Prawns are perfect for grilling! 


Looking for kids-friendly seafood holiday party options? Celebrate the holidays with this must-eat! Bring your family and friends together with these fried coconut prawn finger foods. Using our Raw Peeled Prawns paired with a delicious and healthy papaya dressing makes it a favourite for all age groups!
A special dish for a special time…nothing brings the wow-factor to your next dinner party like a good caviar toast! This blini with our Anna Dutch Caviar and Smoked Salmon will surely elevate your Christmas to the next level! 
What is a holiday party without a shrimp cocktail! Prepared with Dutch Grey Shrimp, easy but makes an impeccable impression on your guests. A perfect Christmas seafood party food! 
Lobsters are essential when it comes to elevating your holiday season to the next level! To prepare this party food all you need is our Live Canadian Lobsters, mini hot dog buns, and some spices. Super easy but very loved among guests!
You’re now ready to host an incredible get-together for this holiday season! 🎄

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