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Fresh Tuna loin


Sustainably caught by hand in the pristine waters around the Maldives. Order sushi grade fresh tuna loin online and get it delivered right to your home in Hong Kong.

  • +/- 2 x 250 grams, vacuum packed
  • pre-order, fresh by air
  • sushi / sashimi-grade

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Yellowfin tuna is one of world’s most well-known fish species. Its mild, meaty flavour and firm texture make it the perfect choice to impress your friends with top-quality sushi and sashimi. Yellowfin tuna is also great for baking, broiling, grilling, or sautéing, accompanied by your favourite seasonings and rubs. This fish is a top-notch source of protein, thiamine, niacin, selenium, and vitamin B6.

Why buy our fresh Tuna loin online

Please note that this product should be used shortly after receiving it. Should you decide to freeze the fresh vacuum-packed tuna, consume it within 30 days. This is because the tuna is not treated with chemicals to retain the colour, and therefore prolonged periods in domestic freezers will degrade the colour from pink/red to a duller grey.

  • Sustainable fishery / Friends of the Sea
  • Low in fat, rich in proteins
  • 100% natural


Tuna fish are hunters, which you will recognise in its firm texture combined with a mild meaty flavour.

Discover amazing Tuna recipes

The great thing about buying sushi grade tuna online is how much convenience and versatility you can get out of a single fillet of fish. Tuna’s rich and meaty flavour means they are perfectly capable of shining alone as sushi, sashimi, and tartare, while also able to give you something peppery and flavourful when you need a wine and steak dinner. Unlike other sushi grade tuna you can buy online, our tuna loins are natural and not treated with any chemicals or preservatives. After getting your sushi grade tuna delivered from our online store, we recommend eating it as soon as possible for the freshest taste.

Get creative with your order of sushi grade tuna, and don’t just settle for sashimi. Mix in some healthy and organic vegetables with your tuna and turn it into an aromatic Thai-style tuna and broccoli salad. Feeling hungry after work and need something filling? A smoky, sizzling plate of Sesame tuna Steak with Cucumber Salad and Rice will fill your stomach and make you beg for more. Deliver stunning tuna, fish, and seafood dishes to the dinner table with more recipes from our collection here.

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