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Oyster Knife


U can use this oyster knife to open the hard shell of an oyster in order to remove the meat. The knife has a sharp, beveled blade that can be inserted into the tightly closed shell to pry the shell apart. Super handy if you would like to eat our delicious oysters at home!

Long Description

How to use an oyster knife?

  1. Work the oyster knife into the hinge, or right next to it, with a side-to-side rocking motion. Once you are in, apply a twisting motion to separate the joint. You will feel a ‘pop’ when the hinge is defeated.
  2. Slide your knife around the edge of the shell, all the way around, until both halves are free. Be firm, but gentle, because you do not want to chip the edge of the shell and get pieces of it in the oyster. You also want to be careful not to damage the oyster inside. Again, never turn the oyster on its side, or allow it to tilt from the horizontal, because you do not want to spill the juice. It stays with the oyster.
  3. The adductor muscle. Slide your knife along the inside surface of the top shell until you find the adductor muscle where it is attached to the top shell, and sever it.
  4. Separate the shell halves, being careful not to spill the juice. Free any parts that are still attached with the oyster knife.
  5. The other adductor muscle. Slide the oyster knife along the inside surface of the bottom shell, find the other adductor muscle, and sever it, so that the oyster is just sitting free in the shell.
  6. Repeat. Place the oyster on an ice-bed, grab another one and repeat all the steps.