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Fresh Monkfish tail


Our fresh wild monkfish tail is a popular European fish. The fish is mostly caught in the Northern part of Europe and fresh fish is available daily at the fish markets. Monkfish is low in fat and is one of the healthier fish from the sea. Buy fresh wild monkfish tail online and get it delivered right to your door in Hong Kong.

  • +/- 500 grams per vacuum pack
  • pre-order, fresh by air
  • ready to pan fry or grill

Long Description

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Monkfish is, for most people, a unique-looking fish. This species can live at a depth of 1000 meters below sea level. Every part of this fish is delicious, however, for home cooking, the snow-white monkfish tail is the most delicious part for the whole family. The tail’s flavour is mild and sweet. It is also known as a “poor man’s lobster” since the texture and flavours are remarkably similar to lobster.

Monkfish tail is a super easy fish to pan-fry or grill and ideal for your lunch and dinner. The meaty texture and unique “lobster” flavours make it delicious and unique!

Amazing for your health

Monkfish tail is low in calories and fat, but high in protein, making monkfish a lean choice for any seafood fan. It also boasts brain-boosting vitamins B6 and B12, as well as the minerals phosphorus and selenium, both of which help your cells regulate the body’s enzyme function. Selenium has also been linked to a reduced risk of cancer and to improved brain function.

Why buy our fresh wild Monkfish tail ready for delivery to your door in Hong Kong

  • Easy to grill or pan fry
  • Light and super healthy
  • All year round fresh available


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