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Patagonian Toothfish Steak


Patagonian toothfish, also known as Chilean Sea bass is a cold-water fish that is famous worldwide for its fatty broad flaky flesh. Order our Patagonian toothfish now online and receive it right at your doorstep in Hong Kong!


  • 2-3 steaks, +/- 1 kg
  • Frozen, direct available
  • Steak, skin on

Long Description

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Have you ever heard of the Kerguelen Islands? Probably not! These French islands are located in the very southern part of the Indian Ocean, far away from any country. Our Patagonian toothfish, also known as Chilean Sea bass, is caught around these islands. They live in cold waters as deep as 1500 meters deep in the ocean. The Fishery is MSC certified which results in an exclusive and delicious sustainable fish loin, delivered right to your doorstep in Hong Kong!

Patagonian Toothfish is known for its high oil content and snow-white tender flakes. The smooth buttery taste makes it one of our top sellers. What are you waiting for? Buy fresh Patagonian Toothfish Steak online and get it delivered by air right to your door in Hong Kong, and treat yourself and your family to a yummy, healthy meal.

Amazing for your health

Low in calories and fat, sea bass is one of the healthier, low-fat alternatives to processed meat that tend to be higher in saturated fat. This unique fish offers a good source of vitamins D, C and B6, as well as calcium, iron, potassium and selenium. A great source of protein to boost your metabolism, and keep you strong and satiated, Patagonian Toothfish (Chilean sea bass) is a great fish for your heart, brain and immune system.


Why buy our Patagonian Toothfish ready for delivery to your door in Hong Kong

  • Easy to pan-fry, grill, or steam!
  • Oily, healthy and delicious
  • Sustainable MSC certified



With a texture that melts on your tongue, white-coloured flesh with just a touch of the mother-of-pearl, and a unique flavour with hints of almond butter. This product is a best-seller among chefs all over the world.

Key Properties


Kerguelen Islands


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