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Bosch Package:
Wild Fresh Fish


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If you’re looking to add a unique, luxurious seafood experience for your dinner with the Bosch Oven Serie 8, then look no further than our Fresh Fish and Black Tiger Prawn package. Enjoy your delicious Steamed wild Turbot and Thai Style Wild Sea bass from your new oven!

For your next party you can  impress your guests with your home grilled  sustainable Black Tiger prawn.


  • 1 pc European wild caught Sea bass
  • 1 pc European wild caught Turbot
  • 1 kg Sustainable Black Tiger Prawn
  • Delivered right to your doorstep in Hong Kong!

Long Description

Bosch Package Wild Fresh Fish

Fresh Wild Turbot and Sea Bass are our signature fishes to create your own Michelin star ambiance at home. Famous for their delicate flavours and perfect to Steam or Grill in your new Bosch Steam oven!

Wild Turbot

Wild Turbot is packed with Vitamin B3, protein and Vitamin B12. It is also loaded with minerals such as magnesium, selenium and phosphorus which assist in the functions of the immune system, maintenance of strong teeth, and bones and supports metabolism.

Wild Turbot has gleaming flesh that retains its bright-white appearance when cooked. The firm meat has a large flake and an excellent mild flavour. Like all flatfish, a turbot yields four fillets, with meatier back fillets than belly portions.

Wild Sea bass

Wild sea bass is line-caught, which is the most delicate way of catching this fish. The wild sea bass is caught in the Northern Atlantic, including the North Sea and is all year round available. Because of its mild sweet flavours and firm white meat, it is the perfect fish to grill. Wild Sea bass doesn’t have many bones and can be prepared as whole fish or fillets only.

The mildness of our sea bass makes it ideal for baking, broiling, steaming, poaching, sautéing, or grilling. We especially like to grill or Steaming function the whole fish with lemons, parsley and fennel. Keep seasonings and sauces light, so the taste is not overwhelming.

Black tiger Prawn

Black tiger prawns are large and flavourful. Their majestic red striping makes for an impressive presentation and they are often the choice of top hotels and restaurants. Black tiger prawns are great for appetizers and their large size makes them perfect for your home party.

Thai black tiger shrimps are famous for their thick shells which hold heat in. This means that black tiger shrimps cook more quickly than other shrimp and prawn. Watch them closely; they toughen if overcooked. For maximum quality, eat tiger shrimp within two days of thawing, though they will last three to four days when properly refrigerated.