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Where exactly is our fish caught in Europe? Why are mussels recognised as Superfood and who are your fishermen that are on the roughest seas day and night to make sure you receive fresh seafood all the way in Hong Kong? We are also going to share all ins and outs about the seafood journey from farm to plate and of course share our challenges and opportunities with you!

There is a whole world behind the oyster you shuck at a party or the cod fillet you pan fry for the kids at home. We are happy to explain this to you in a transparent, educational and fun weekly blog!    

We will start with the story behind SeafoodFriday to let you know who we are, where we are from and what we do. Thanks for reading along with us and enjoy the journey!

We are seafood lovers and since 2014 we have been exporting sustainable European seafood from the northern part of Europe to the hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau. Nowadays, together with our partners, we supply over 7 countries in Asia with fresh and fresh-frozen seafood with a focus on sustainability and transparency.

Martin rijk Seafoodfriday Hong Kong

Meet SeafoodFriday’s founder, Martin Rijk

mussels at the Hong Kong yacht club

Our seafood lovers, enjoying the Holland Royal Blue Mussels

How did SeaFoodFriday start?
Good question! Our founder, Martin Rijk, takes care of the wholesale business in Asia. Weekly arrivals in Hong Kong with fresh seafood for the restaurants and hotels made it possible to add some extra fish fillets and oysters, requested by friends who trusted the quality and liked the very good prices. As it was more to help “seafood loving” friends with the purchase of fresh seafood they were asked to pick it up at our main office, only twice per month by Friday afternoon. The closer you came to 18.00 the bigger the chance you had to join for a glass of wine and some freshly shucked oysters!

Earlier than expected the WhatsApp group called SeafoodFriday was bigger than we could handle in our office. Hong Kong based friends from all over the world joined the group to order for friends and family! We were very happy to see this and in 2020 we decided to make SeafoodFriday professional and available for every seafood lover in Hong Kong! More products, same prices and almost the same concept, we also added the option to have your seafood delivered all the way to your doorstep!

That’s where the idea of SeaFoodFriday came from. Our goal is to let everyone enjoy our fresh and fresh frozen seafood products. We deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays and do not keep any stocks. This allows us to be able to guarantee freshness and top quality. Next to that, we know from our own experience how convenient it is to have tasty and varied recipes, that’s why the SeaFoodFriday kitchen, together with its customers has built a recipe base. Do you have a fantastic recipe? Please don’t hesitate to share it with us so that we can enjoy it as real seafood lovers!

Norwegian salmon farm

Our Norwegian Salmon comes from the clean fjords in Norway where they are sustainable raised

Denmark fishing boat

The Trawlers in Denmark
catching our ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’ Herring in the beginning of June

What do we sell and where is our seafood from?

On the SeaFoodFriday platform you can find different types of seafood products. We sell wild caught and farmed fish, shellfish such as lobsters and shrimps, oysters, mussels and smoked fish! Our fresh caught fish comes directly from the fish auctions in the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and France. Each fillet and fish portion is vacuum packed to keep it as fresh as possible. Direct from the source, no additive, no additional water, just 100% pure fish fillet you can trust from the clean waters of the Northern Europe, flown to Hong Kong.

For our farmed fish we work together with solely sustainable fish farms in the Mediterranean sea and the fjords of Norway. All farms meet the highest European standards and food safety requirements to guarantee top quality farmed fish. Our farms are Global GAP and/or ASC certified.

Our top-quality oysters are hand selected and meet all European food safety standards. We work directly with the mussel farmers to guarantee you top quality and freshness that you simply have never taste before. Our oysters come from family Dhooge who have been running World of Oysters in the Netherlands since 1906. Besides that we are happy and proud to be the exclusive supplier of Holland Royal Blue mussels.

Our lobsters and shrimp are wild caught or farmed. All the way from Thailand or simply from the Netherlands. All our shrimp are hormone and antibiotic free and sourced directly from the farms and fishing boats for optimal traceability and quality.

The Netherlands is well known for its smoked fish. That’s also why smoked salmon and mackerel cannot be missed in our assortment! If you have not tried smoked salmon yet, order it now, we won’t disappoint you.

See you next week at our blog on why shellfish is so healthy!

 The SeafoodFriday team

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