How to defrost prawns easily within 30 minutes? If you are a real seafood lover like us, then the chance is pretty big that you’ll have a few bags of frozen prawns in your freezer! Not only does frozen seafood keep well in freezers but it is also easily defrosted and can be prepared within an hour.

Frozen prawns are perfect for delicious, easy dinner recipes. It is so tempting to toss frozen prawns right into your sauté pan or onto your baking sheet when you want a quick and easy dinner. In a pinch, there’s nothing wrong with using prawns direct from frozen, but with just a few more minutes of time and a teeny-tiny bit of effort, you can ensure your prawns are properly thawed and recipe-ready while preserving their delicate texture and delicious taste.

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Why you should have frozen prawns in your freezer at all times!

How To Defrost Your Prawns?
  • They can be turned into quick meals which is very convenient especially on busy weeknights. From soups to pasta dishes to appetizers, the choices are endless.
  • Since the freezing is done almost immediately after catching, the shrimp or prawns stay fresh for a longer period of time.
  • Less time to prepare a meal. Most proteins take a longer time to thaw, you have to leave them out for hours before you can cook them. But not with frozen prawns, it takes less than 20-30 minutes to properly defrost them and cook your favorite prawn recipe for lunch or dinner.


The tools you need 👨🏻‍🍳
– Large bowl
– Wire mesh strainer
– Paper towels

Let's dive into the instructions!

How To Defrost Your Prawns?
There are 2 ways you can defrost or thaw frozen prawns:

1. Defrost the prawns overnight.
This method of thawing prawns is ideal when you know you want to make a prawn dish but not sure if it is for lunch or dinner.
– Remove the frozen prawn bag from the freezer, place the packaging in a tray or bowl, and store it in your fridge.
– This allows you to take out the frozen prawns any time, keep it in a bowl of water for 5-10 minutes to further thaw, and use it as you need.
– This method is also good when you are out the whole day but want to prepare a quick seafood pasta for dinner.
2. Defrosting the prawns within 30 minutes.
This method would probably take less than 30 minutes but it is the most common method of thawing prawns.
– If you need the frozen prawns within an hour and want to quickly defrost the prawns, remove the frozen prawns from the freezer and submerge it in a bowl of water for 10 minutes.
– Check the water temperature and if it turns cold, drain and dunk the prawn package in lukewarm water again.
– Once the prawns loosen up, remove the frozen shrimp into a new bowl of lukewarm water. Let them defrost for 10-20 minutes.
– Once the prawn turn soft, immediately drain them over a colander and leave it to drain excess water for a few minutes (2-3).
– Pat dry the excess water with a paper kitchen towel.
How To Defrost Your Prawns?

All done and ready to go!

Now you are all done and ready to make your favourite prawn dish we would like to warn you to avoid the upcoming simple mistakes! 

Wouldn’t it be faster to use hot water to thaw prawns?
Do NOT use hot water to thaw the prawns. They are so delicate, this could actually begin the cooking process. You want to keep them cold the entire time.
Should I let the prawn soak in the bath longer?
Do NOT let the prawns soak in the cold water bath longer than 20 minutes or they will begin to soak up the water and become chewy.
Can’t I just drain the prawns and pour them into my pan?
Do NOT skip the patting-dry step if you plan to roast the prawns or use it in a stir fry pan with veggies. The extra water on the prawn will cause steaming in your recipe and may make the rest of your dish overly soggy.


A very frequently asked question: 
How long can you keep frozen prawns in the freezer?
You can store frozen prawns for 3 to 6 months but it depends on two things.
  1. Do you have a good quality fridge that maintains freezing temperature at all times? An old freezer or fridge may not be the best place to store shrimp for months.
  2. If you are experiencing power outages then avoid freezing prawns for months. They must be kept at a stable temperature at all times.

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