Enjoy a seafood feast with Bosch Series 8 Steam Oven

In our first exciting collaboration, we’ve partnered with Bosch, renowned for their high-quality kitchen appliances. This synergy of excellence and innovation means that the purchase of a new Bosch Series 8 Steam Oven comes with a special gift – a voucher for a sumptuous seafood package. Choose from two delectable options, crafted to complement your culinary creations.

The ultimate steaming standard: 120°C Steam+

Steamed dishes retain not only their full, natural aroma, but also most of their vitamins and nutrients. And because the new Steam+ function steams at a temperature of up to 120°C, your dishes are done faster and retain even more of their vitamins and nutrients. The best way for fish to keep juicy and tender.

New Generation 4D HotAir – Even heat distribution for perfect result

The innovative fan wheel that changes the direction of rotation during operation ensures an even heat distribution on all levels of the oven.Wherever the food is placed among the four shelf levels of the oven, you can still achieve the perfect cooking results. The best way for baking shellfish with garlic butter.


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About Bosch

Founded in 1886, Bosch has been synonymous with outstanding technology and craftsmanship. Through continuous innovation over 130 years, precise electrical engineering and electronic technology, Bosch has become the world’s pioneer in industrial technology.

The philosophy of company founder, Robert Bosch, continues to guide Bosch in developing high-quality products and assuming social responsibility wherever it operates. True to the brand’s philosophy brand “Invented for life”, Bosch will continue to offer consumers with quality and perfect technology for a better life.