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'Travel to Peru' sardines gift box


La Perle des Dieux is internationally renowned for its world-class sardines. Located on the Atlantic Ocean in Saint-Gilles-croix-de-Vie, France, they have been using traditional methods to prepare the most delicious sardine preserves for four generations. Buy vintage sardines online and get it delivered right to your home in Hong Kong!


  • Including 3 tins sardines millésimé
  • Designed by Delphine Cossais & Coralie Joulin
  • Unique giftbox!

Long Description

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La Perle des Dieux is known for its sardines labelled with the term ‘millésimé’, a word originating from Champagne to indicate the year of harvest – and only the grapes from that specific year are used. This helps the Champagne to last for longer, makes it more exclusive and improves its flavour. The same also applies to sardines millésimé. Maturing the sardines in olive oil makes for a more delicate flavour and a softer texture.


Created by Artists

La Perle des Dieux’s millésimé cans are redesigned every year by two French artists. Each year’s production has a unique appearance and taste. Not every sardine can be sold as a millésimé – to be sold as millésimé, the sardines must meet certain specifications. As an example, the fat content must be in excess of twelve per cent. The temperature and currents in the sea, the weather and the taste of the olive oil all contribute to determine the unique flavour! La Perle des Dieux recommends waiting for at least three or four years before consuming sardines millésimé. By this time, they will have properly matured in the extra virgin olive oil.


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