A seafood platter is one of the best things to serve on a party, during a holiday season or just on a regular Friday when you’ve invited some friends over. With Easter around the corner we thought it might be helpful for you to let you know how to prepare and serve a delicious seafood platter and what to order for such a platter. Check it out in our blog below! 🐣
The beauty of a seafood platter is that you can choose as many different individual items as you wish and alter the portion sizes depending on how many guests you have.
If you really love shrimp, then feel free to go shrimp crazy. Likewise, if you can’t stand cold seafood, focus on hot items. Above all, there are always many snacks to suit the crowd. A selection of oysters, sashimi, and prawns served with wine or cold beer is enough for a great party. Moreover, you can add finger bowls and side towels to add a touch of care and good hospitality.

If you are still wondering about what seafood you should serve, how to make a seafood platter and make it more appealing, you have come to the right place. Here is a short and informative guide to putting together a grand fish platter for your (Easter) party!

What to Include in your Seafood Platter?

Fresh Osyter Platter for seafood holiday party recipes
The reason why party food platters are great to serve is that you can decide on a variety of items and alter portion sizes according to your guest list. If you love oysters, have a larger portion of it, and are not a fan of shrimps, you can keep this portion limited.
  • Prawns are perfect for the centre spot. You can pick your favorite variety and pile them on either side of the plate or serve alongside lobster.
  • Oysters will look luxurious on your seafood platter. You can just shuck them and serve them on ice. You can even decorate them with some caviar for that extra touch! How to shuck oysters? You can read it in this blog.
  • Clams and Mussels are ideal for dinner parties. You can steam them for a few minutes and require little preparation.
  • Add a classy touch to your seafood platter by adding a delicious lobster!
  • You can go all out with sashimi, for example salmon, tuna or our kingfish. Super easy and compared to oysters and lobster a bit more affordable but still so good.
Fresh Sashimi seafood platter
Other fish: It’s your seafood platter, so feel free to do whatever you want. If you like a bit of scallops or have a hankering for some smoked salmon, go for it!

Now you’ve got an idea of what seafood you’re going to choose, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll serve alongside it. This is where you can get really creative with as many garnishes and dips you choose. Here are some of our favorites, but feel free to mix it up to suit your tastes:
  • Cocktail sauce: The classic seafood sauce, cocktail sauce goes really well with lobster and shrimp.
  • Tartar sauce: Made with tarragon, gherkins, and capers, this seafood staple goes great with just about anything.
  • Lemon: You can’t have seafood without lemon, so cut up some wedges so your guests can add their own zing.
  • Herbs: Add some sprigs of dill, parsley, and basil to bring some extra flavour to your platter.
  • When you have chosen to add some sashimi to your seafood platter we recommend you to try out our Tomasu Soy Sauce

Serving Size and Freshness?

Pure freshness is always guaranteed when you order at SeafoodFriday. We only purchase our seafood in Europe AFTER we received your order! All our seafood from Europe is freshly vacuum packed by our fishmongers. Packing the product right after catching it secures the shelf life and quality, vacuum packing also is a fridge friendly type of packaging as it doesn’t leave any smell behind whatsoever! 
In terms of how much you will need to order, that depends on how many guests you plan on entertaining and what kind of seafood you choose. Shells make up part of the weight of your shellfish, so weight may not always be the best guide, but typically we would recommend about 400 gram per person. It’s always better to have a bit too much than too little. You can always prepare something with the leftovers the day after. Check out our recipe collection here

How to Present your Platter?

fresh seafood platter
Once you have everything prepared just how you like it, you’re ready for the fun part, putting your seafood platter together. Stainless steel is a good choice for your platter as the metal will help to keep cold food cool, and hot food warm, but if you have something else that will work, that’s absolutely fine. Layer some ice to keep any raw seafood fresh and neatly arrange the rest of your chosen items around the structure, with hot and cold items separated on different tiers.
You’re now ready to host an incredible get-together! Still in need of some more detailed seafood platter recipes? We’ve another blog post including 11 different platters.