Online shopping has been increasing rapidly over the past years. Boosted by the Covid pandemic which kept people away from crowded places and also caused physical shops to close. Online shopping is super convenient, doesn’t matter if you’re at home, at work or travelling, it is extremely easy to just go online, log-in and buy anything you can imagine with a simple click of a button!

Who would’ve thought 10 years ago that, today, we would order Halibut fillet, Oysters and Live Lobsters online? We didn’t! It is all about convenience, especially in a city as Hong Kong. Not only is it convenient to buy your fish and seafood online, it is also cheaper, due to our very short chain we can provide you with the freshest seafood at relatively low prices!

Why buy your seafood online at 🐟
  1. The SeafoodFriday store is open 24/7!
  2. All products come directly from the fisherman
  3. SeafoodFriday has a wide range of sustainable, fresh and frozen seafood
  4. Affordable prices, who said fish has to be expensive?
  5. Top quality and fridge friendly packaging (nobody likes a fishy smell in their fridge)
  6. Fast delivery, the fish is super fresh!
  7. Home delivery and pick up possible at your convenience

Order process, what happens behind the scenes when you place your order!

Once we receive your order we inform our fisherman in Europe. Freshness is the key to success and delicious seafood so we only purchase our seafood in Europe AFTER we received your order, nothing we send to you has been sitting in stock, always fresh! Our fishmongers who are close partners of ours, buy fish and seafood daily on the auctions in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and France and select the highest quality seafood for you. 
fresh caught lobster
fresh caught wild sea bass
Live lobsters arrived at our warehouse in the Netherlands
These beautiful sea basses just came in and are ready to get vacuum-packed 
fresh farmed dutch Oysters
fresh caught grey shrimps
Thousands of fresh oysters come in every day at our partner World of Oysters in the Netherlands
The Dutch Grey Shrimps are caught in the Netherlands and peeled by hand within 24 hours after they are caught

Packing your order

All our seafood from Europe is freshly vacuum packed by our fishmongers. Packing the product right after catching it secures the shelf life and quality, vacuum packing also is a fridge friendly type of packaging as it doesn’t leave any smell behind whatsoever!
fresh vacuum packed seafood
Our fresh vacuum packed Norwegian Salmon, Sea Bass fillet and Halibut fillet!

Hong Kong arrival

After everything is securely packed and prepared for the flight to Hong Kong your seafood is on a 12 hour flight (2-8 degrees) to Hong Kong which arrives every Monday and Thursday afternoon. After receival at the airport it is trucked to our warehouse by refrigerated trucks to ensure the cold chain. We check every product before delivery to make sure you receive a top quality product! 

Delivery to your doorstep

Together with our logistics team we start deliveries on Tuesday and Friday by noon. Our team will give you a call to notify you of the approximate delivery time in the afternoon. Once the driver is closer to your address they will ring a 2nd time to confirm the final delivery time and delivery instructions. No surprises and this all to guarantee the cold chain of the seafood!
Quarantine survival seafood bag
black tiger prawn and seafoodfriday apron
Some of our products and our reusable cool(er) bag, we deliver your seafood in this bag!
A happy customer preparing our black tiger prawns in our handmade leather apron designed by the SeafoodFriday team! 

Special Hong Kong delivery

Fresh oysters in Hong Kong
Due to the new COVID restrictions we are seeing increased demand for our home delivery service. This all to limit your personal contact in shops and in public areas. Our logistics team is aware of all the current regulations and restrictions and discuss the delivery rules with your building management. Again, we want to make sure the seafood is kept chilled at all times before it reaches your fridge/plate.
Most importantly, stay safe and eat healthy (SeaFood)

The SeafoodFriday Team