How we fish sustainably​

How we fish sustainably It is great to enjoy a delicious portion of Salmon, but it is even better to enjoy a delicious portion of sustainable caught Salmon. Sustainable fishing is the practice of fishing with care and respect for the environment so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. It involves using techniques that minimize the […]

How to Shuck away with SeafoodFriday

How to Shuck away with SeafoodFriday

How to shuck an Oyster? Opening an oyster is definitely not the easiest thing to do. We are aware of that as we have had quite some injuries in the SeafoodFriday kitchen the last couple of months while preparing oyster and other dishes for our recipe collection… For this reason we came up with the […]

It’s Time for a Weekly SeafoodFriday Blog!

Fresh whole salmon

Jump on board and enjoy our fishermen’s stories in our weekly blog! Where exactly is our fish caught in Europe? Why are mussels recognised as Superfood and who are your fishermen that are on the roughest seas day and night to make sure you receive fresh seafood all the way in Hong Kong? We are also going […]